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Bengal Fish Who we are?

Fish is ingrained in our culture. And we all love to fish. Still, the most common complaint is that there is no reliable source of fresh non-preservative fish in the market. That is why Bengal Fish started our journey recently only with the only motive of being a trustable supplier of fresh fish online. Our products and services are so distinct that we promise you will not look elsewhere once you receive our service. 

At Bengal Fish, we are driven by the motive of providing you with fresh fish at a reasonable cost with a fast delivery service.

Our Fish Categories and Collection in BD 

Our fish collection consists of a few categories such as dry fish, fresh live fish, sea fish. It is no surprise that we supply a vast variety of fish in Bangladesh. We aim to deliver live freshly caught fish from local rivers and sea. Point to be noted that we do not hold any stock of live fish. We only collect them after receiving your orders.   We supply the following fish in Bangladesh.

TANGRA, DRY LOITTA, DRY PUTI, DRY CHEPA, DRY CHINGRI, DRY KACHKI, DRY CHURI, DRY ILISH, DRY LOITTA, Rui, Sole, Batashi, Mirka, Ilish fish, Tilapia, Koi, Wallago Attu, Iliah fish, Kajuli fish, Kakila, Chapala fish, Prawn, Mola Carpet, Pomfret, Rupchada, Catla Fish, Taki Fish, Mohashol Fish, Boyal Fish, Nola fish, Baila Fish, Shor Puti Fish, Silver carp, Pua Fish, Chitala Fish, Nola Fish, Clown knifefish, Pangash FishKoral small

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